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What an honor to work with masters of a 700 year old craft. Think about the history in each piece of barkcloth. Not only does it resonate in the Buganda culture of Uganda through its use in ceremonies, funerary rites, clothing, and for the home - but it serves as an inspirational material for contemporary artists and designers in Uganda and abroad.

Paul Bukenya Katamiira (seen in the photo above) is a 9th generation barkcloth maker. How often in our culture do we get to say we are from a 9th generation lineage. This is special.

Paul has worked hard to preserve the craft with honor and skill - passing down his knowledge to his 4 sons (Peter, Aloyzious, Vincent, and Toni), who we work alognside to craft this tree census and adoption program. They are master barkclth makers as well - making them 10th generation - seriously.

This is my favorite image from photographer Jamie House. It shows Paul standing with all of his sons, next to one of the first trees adopted - this one is the US Embassy tree adopted 10 years ago.

RT to LT (Paul, Aloyzious, Peter, Vincent, Toni)

If you would like to adopt a tree, check the link in the nav bar!

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