Barkcloth from the mutuba tree is an amazing, regenerative natural resource. Once a year, bark from the ficus natalenis species can be harvested without killing the tree, up to 80 years! By adopting a tree, you are helping the Center track and take care of these important, renewable trees.

Through your gift, you will adopt one mature mutuba (barkcloth) tree identified by the team at Bukomansimbi Organic Tree Farmers Association (BOFTA). In addition, the team will plant one mutuba tree in the local community. When that tree matures, it will be adopted and another one planted, and the circle will continue!

*The Bukomansimbi Organic Tree Farmer's Association [BOTFA] fosters indigenous plant knowledge, focuses on food security, and does everything in its power to preserve indigenous craft knowledge

!!!Follow along on our TRACE YOUR BARKCLOTH tab for updates on our program and trees!!!

You will receive:
- An Adoption Certificate from BOTFA + Mekeka Designs emailed to you.
- A video and photo of your tree
- Geolocation coordinates so you can find your tree on Google Maps (You can visit it one day in Uganda!
- Knowledge that your gift supports BOFTA programs
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